Jan 24, 2010


In the military world, weapons become one of the decisive victories in a battle. However, history has proven that by using only traditional weapons that are far from the modern impression, Indonesian people have been able to fight against the Dutch army when they invaded Indonesia. This traditional weapon was known as the "Bambu Runcing,” or similar as bamboo spears."
Bambu Runcing is a Indonesian traditional weapon made from raw materials of sharpened bamboo. Bambu Runcing is about 2 meters-long and small-diameter bamboo, similar to the usual sticks used by the Boy scouts with a pointed tip. Actually, with this weapons that are only effective for short-range combat, Indonesian fighters staunchly defended their country against very-modern-armed invaders.
The popularity of Bambu Runcing as a weapon of fighting for the independence of Indonesia has inspired many people to use this stick as a symbol of persistence. This can be seen from a monument in the city of Surabaya, Indonesia, which symbolizes the persistence of Arek-Arek Surabaya who have fought against invaders.
It does not make sense that with this sharp bamboo, Indonesia fighters were able to keep his country from colonial power. However, history has proven the utility of this weapon.


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