Mar 7, 2010


Adolf Hitler, picture by:
Amid controversy over Hitler's cause of death due to suicide or because of old age, an interesting discourse emerged. Adolf Hitler, the Nazi's most popular figure was allegedly died on 15 January 1970 at 19:30 in Karang Menjangan Hospital, in Surabaya, Indonesia for a heart attack, at the age of 81 years. A tomb in Ngagel, near Surabaya becomes one of the entrances of evidence to investigate the truth of the story end of the life of 'the Fuhrer'.
This statement was based on the confession from dr. Sosrohusodo, a doctorate graduate of the University of Indonesia who had worked and met doctor Poch in Sumbawa whom he believed to be Adolf Hitler. From the clipping of newspaper articles "Pikiran Rakyat" during 1983 which was the collection of his own writings, dr. Sosrohusodo provided some "evidences" that dr. Poch was Adolf Hitler, partly because the German doctors no longer walked normally , draged his left leg, his left hand was always shaking, his mustache was cut like Charlie Chaplin, and he had a shaved head. The physical condition was very tightly like the characterize of Adolf Hitler in his old age, as illustrated books about Adolf Hitler biography.
Old Hitler, picture by:
Dr Sosrohusodo’s confidence until now remained unchanged. Even he got some other supporting evidences from dr. Poch’s ex-wife, who was an Indonesian. Sometime before dr. Poch died, his first wife, later believed to be Eva Braun, returned to Germany. Poch himself allegedly married a woman from Bandung West Java, an employee in government offices on the island of Sumbawa Besar. Being asked, dr. Poch’s second wife then submitted some written documents to dr. Sosrohusodo, including pictures of their marriage and dr. Poch’s driving license with his thumbprint.
To legalize his confession, dr. Sosrohusodo has made diktat that set forth his opinion of Hitler, complete with some pictures he gained from dr. Poch's second wife. In the dictat, dr.Sosorhusodo also recounted his personal experiences since graduating from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia to serve in Bima, Kupang, and Sumbawa Besar, where he directly interacted with dr. Poch. The dictat could be possibly accepted by the general public because of the greater obituaries of Adolf Hitler, the Nazi leader with Eva Braun in 1945 was not equipped with the main evidence in the form of the body!
Did Adolf Hitler die in Indonesia? Was Hitler really pursuing his ambition to Indonesia in search of Atlantis, because according to the Nazi scientists, the location of the lost Atlantis is in Indonesia?


Anonymous said...

it's really interesting n remarkable issue about the great fuhrer ever, deserves to be more known not just as a dictator but also a great german leader...n wow he died in indonesia, someone has to dig it up more deeply, beside that u guys already had the path to get through beyond old boundary....the fuhrer not died in agony but he died God's will...i'm one of those who believed in this theory. But Hitler n Lost Antlantis...hehehehe...what an awsome assumption.

slavestar said...

This is very interesting. The "Imagereptile" site is no longer up, do you know if the 'old Hitler' picture is authentic?

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