Jan 22, 2010


The world has known batik as part of the fashion world. The elegance of batik as a very high value art has much been admired worldwide. Unfortunately, there are still many people who do not know that the popularity of batik originated from Indonesia. This was reaffirmed by the origin of the word batik itself that is derived from a combination of two Javanese words: "amba", meaning "writing" and "titik" which means "point." less or more the definition of batik is to assemble the dots into a pattern.
Although the origins of batik can not be fully derived from the wealth of art and culture Indonesian, especially Java, the fame of batik as a decorating technique is known as a work of art from Indonesia. Everyone recognizes that of all types of batik developing, Javanese batik is technically the most perfect and luxurious in manufacturing and style of decoration. This fact has made the world, especially UNESCO recognizes that batik belongs to Indonesian and designs it as a world cultural heritage.
Unfortunately, the popularity of batik as one of the high-value art of the Indonesian is not initiated by the Indonesian people themselves. Batik was first popularized to the international world by Nelson Mandela, leader of the world humanity and also the first black president of South Africa. Long before Suharto, the second President of the Republic of Indonesia wore batik clothes in the UN General Assembly, Nelson Mandela had used batik in many of his state occasion.
Currently, when batik has been widely known by the international community, the Indonesian people began to love this art of batik by using this fashion trends in various official and leisure activities. If batik is used to be identical with long sleeves cloth, now casual dress, t-shirts, jackets, or bandana use the patterns of batik. Therefore, if you are familiar with batik, know that though popularized by Nelson Mandela, batik belongs to Indonesian.


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