Jan 2, 2010


We realize that every culture has its uniqueness respectively. Even, they are often conflicting. In one particular cultural, attitudes can be accepted, but in other cultures do not, especially if we are faced with the differences of ethnic or nation. For example, in Indonesia, asking about religion is a common thing, but in Europe, asking religion may include matters related to privacy of a person that is not allowed.
From the phenomenon, I felt the need for cross-cultural understanding, so that the difference did not result in problems or misunderstandings when we visit other regions or countries, including Indonesia. In many cases, cultural conflicts can happen in various cities such as multi-cultural city, that is Jogja, Bali, or Jakarta. Thus, it is necessary for us to slightly understand some of the Indonesian culture that might be useful when you make a visit to this country.
First, we need to understand that Indonesia is a multi-ethnic country where so many tribes, customs, and culture of local residents. Indoensia has five major islands, each inhabited by various tribes; they are Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Sulawesi, and West Irian. While the relatively small islands that also have their own characteristics like Ambon, Nusa Tenggara Barat, Riau, Batam, and Bali. For that reason, of course, it will be more effective and efficient when we visited the islands in Indonesia, by firstly understand the local culture.


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