Jan 19, 2010


Geographic condition of Indonesia as the largest archipelagic country in the world in one hand brings some concerns for most people. A world active tectonic plate and volcanic line, known as “the rings of fire” crossing this country becomes a threat to the life of the community. However, this condition turns out to bring a special benefit for the volcano lovers.
From the available data, approximately 130 or 10% of the world's volcanoes, most of them are stratovolcano, are located in Indonesia. The number would be an attraction for tourists who want to capture amazing moment of volcanic eruptions. Capturing an eruption is a challenge and great satisfaction for those who are known as the volcanic activity hunters. Molten lava, bang of explosion, volcanic rock slide, and hot cloud are some fascinating parts for those who are hungry for such perilous phenomena.
 The world has acknowledged the fabulous volcanic eruption of Mount Krakatau, 1882 that had destroyed the surrounding area. High tremor as an impact of the eruption can be felt by humans who lived hundred miles away. Even volcanic ash from these eruptions could be felt thousands of miles from that area. This should be a challenge for any volcano lovers if they had a chance to capture the largest volcano eruption in Indonesia. 
Today, thousands of tourists, especially volcano lovers still regard Indonesia as an interesting and challenging adventure destination. Some active volcanoes such as Mount Papandayan in West Java, Mount Merapi in Central Java, Mount Semeru and Ijen Crater in East Java, or Mount Rinjani in Lombok, as well as other mountains around this archipelagic country can sometimes increase their activities, resulting in perhaps small eruption or even huge explosion.
In short, for the volcano lovers, volcanic adventures in Indonesian become a challenge and satisfaction that will never be forgotten. Welcome to the paradise of volcano! 


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