Jul 21, 2011


As internet connection is easily accessed by most Indonesians today, many activities related to cyber world is increasing. Chatting, social networking, and surfing become daily part of many netters (a call for those who love internet-based activities). Even more, as internet access is getting cheaper, many of them try to take advantages of it, especially for productive thing like blogging.

Among Indonesian netters, blogging now becomes a favorite activity, even a hobby. Many of them get deeper involved in blogging action, be they as full-time or just part-time bloggers. So far, there is no exact data of how many Indonesian bloggers but in term of intention and motivation, these are some of their reasons of doing such an activity:

Some Indonesian bloggers tend to relieve themselves after long and hard day by writing their personal notes, expressing what they have experienced. They write down any single personal story as well as other people’s stories to relieve stress, burden, or anything to bring joy and happiness.

2. Sharing information
Indonesians prefer to share anything, including news and information. They happily let other people know what is going on and sometimes ask their opinion to make it livelier. Through the synergic relation, they can motivate each other to share what they know and what they want to know.

3. Self-Actualization
Many Indonesians get interested in blogging activity as they want to be known by others. By building a blog, sharing information, and joining a community, they try to let others know about their existence. Just like a social media, blogging can unite them into a good cyber community.

4. Spreading Idealism
Some Indonesians, especially the youth, has their own idealism, apart from religion they hold. As dynamic generation, they tend to share and maintain the idealism through blogging, which they think is the best way instead of direct speech.

5. Earning extra money
This is probably what most Indonesians like from blogging: money. As blogging is a good way to earn additional income, many Indonesians try to get any piece of the cake by optimizing their blog(s). Even students, employed people, and businessmen like to build and promote blogs to get more money while doing their main activities.

6. Prestige
Blogging for some Indonesian is like a value-added in social status. Owning a blog means that he or she will get many advantages in any social aspect. Thus, blogging becomes a part of prestige among Indonesians. They believe that not all people can run a good blog. This is what has encouraged them to have their own blog (s).

7. Main job
Blogging is a part of way to earn money, even unlimited income. As now, getting jobs in Indonesia is so difficult due to various reasons, many people try to be more creative in gaining money, including from blogging. Therefore, it is understandable that some Indonesian people are focusing their attention to grab money from blogging as full-time blogger, spending almost a whole day to build, promote, and optimize their blog(s).

As an inspiring and productive activity, blogging is now very popular in Indonesia. This is also because internet access in this developing country is getting cheaper and blogging can be done free (without any additional cost) since Google offers blogger, wordpress gives free subdomain, and other companies present simplicity for Indonesian bloggers.


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