Apr 13, 2011


Rapid development on internet access in Indonesia encourages many bloggers in this developing country to get benefits from this reach, especially to express their existence in the world of cyber. This phenomenon has inspired IBN, stands for IdBlogNetwork, to unite these blogger into a specific community and link them as publishers to advertisers who are willing to collaborate.  Followed by more than 2.920 bloggers and 3.250 Facebook fans, IBN plans to hold a big event, called Roadblog-Blogilicious 2011.
According to IBN, Roadblog-Blogilicious 2011 is meant to give an offline-media for their member of bloggers as marketing partners to link with advertisers, represented by IBN staffs. As stated by an IBN staff, this big event will be held in some interesting ways, such as seminar and workshop, presented to improve Indonesian bloggers’ skill in the way they write, create design, optimize SEO, as well as monetize their blogs. The good news is that Roadblog-Blogilicious 2011 will be held widely in 7 big cities in Indonesia, namely Jakarta, Bandung, Jogjakarta, Surabaya, Makassar, Medan, and Palembang, around May and June 2011, enabling many local bloggers and also those attracted in blogging to participate and get advantages of such an inspiring event.
As bloggers, we may hope that this good event will be successful, not only for bloggers or advertisers themselves, but also all Indonesian community who put attention and care about any productive development in this country. In addition, through this event, many Indonesians expect that more people get attracted in blogging and the skill of existing Indonesian bloggers will increase so that they can give good contribution to their country in the world of cyber.
Lastly, since Indonesian people live in a variety of ethnics, religions, culture, and language, we may hope that IBN Roadblog-Blogilicious 2011 will bring an enthusiasm and optimism of more people in implementing the sense of nationality and unity among the differences, in Indonesia as well as around the world. Let us wait and see.


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Mas Syaif said...

nice info gan..

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blogilicious said...

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