Mar 30, 2011


Since Bali becomes the main tourist destination in Indonesia, many people come to Bali for various purposes such as for working as well as traveling. This of course has brought impacts to Bali, both to the people and also to the island itself. Thus, for tourists, such a condition has to be a concern. For that reason, these are some activities that we should and should not do during our vacation in the Island of God.

  1. Use reputable travel agent or tour operator for your own comfort and satisfaction;
  2. If you happen to rent a car or taxi, use the trustable driver or at least bring local people for your guide;
  3. Bring enough cash, especially when visiting villages and leave the rest in your hotel safe box;
  4. Bali is relatively hot, bring as much water as you need as water in any hotel is mostly not ready to directly drink;
  5. Obey any rules and laws in any place you visit, especially those related with Balinese temples;
  6. Give some donation when visiting certain places for their improvement as well as development;
  7. Buy necessary souvenirs from local people to help them earn more money for better life.
  8. Make sure you have your own personal or travel insurance, or ask for your travel agent;
  9. Bring your personal medicine since health is the main asset for getting best journey;
  10. Be honest to leave any comment in any form provided by your travel agent for their improvement.
Don'ts :
  1. Never leave your very important stuffs like passport, visa, money, and wallet in your hotel room. Entrust them to safe box in the Front Office;
  2. Do not be fully naked when bathing in the sun since it is forbidden;
  3. Do not bring drugs and the like since Indonesia fights strictly against such thing;
  4.  Never cross people when they are having a traditional ceremony;
  5. Do not touch or step on “sesajen” or offering, usually put around big tree, temple, etc;
  6. Never take picture to a priest in his ritual using flash;
  7. For women who are in period, never enter holy places, especially temples;
  8. Do not underestimate cows since this animal is considered “sacred” in Balinese belief;
  9. Never swear or shout rudely when something gets wrong;
  10. Do not leave Bali before satisfied exploring its beauty.
Those are some recommendations for tourists who plan or have been in Bali. Certainly, local people of Bali strongly keep their tradition as well as local wisdom. However, since Bali is now inhabited and visited by many people whose their own purposes, which can be good or bad, knowing and following such suggestions will be sometimes helpful for enjoying your great vacation in Bali as the Island of God.


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