Jan 21, 2011


Despite multidimensional crisis that Indonesian has been facing for about 13 years, many Indonesian people now look so wealthy. In the street, so many luxury cars come and go, showing how many people can afford such an expensive property. Besides, real-estate has spread all over the country, telling people that Indonesian has grown richer.
Looking such a dramatically changes, perhaps we are so curious what Indonesian have done so far to get that properties. The key to your curiosity is loan. No more secret that now, many Indonesian live with big loan, not only taken from banks but also from finance companies that is so abundant in this developing country.
Since the demand of having own house car, motorcycle, electronics, and furniture among Indonesian society increases, many individual and companies try to fill such a business opportunity to provide and manage loans professionally for public. These bring so big impact that now most Indonesians are fond of taking loan. Therefore, do not surprised if you happen to visit some small cities, or even small villages, in Indonesia, you would find many finance companies as well as individual who become ‘loan sharks.”
In one side, by giving more than 1% rate of the loan, many finance companies and “loan sharks” survive in the tight business competition in Indonesia. They keep trying to influence people to buy some goods with their services.
In other side, many Indonesian people feel so free to have expensive goods by taking the loans. Even, with only showing their identity card and some 500 thousand rupiahs, sometimes they can bring home a motorcycle. What an easy way to buy!


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