Apr 8, 2011


The shocking phenomenon has recently been a focus of Indonesian mass media. Like Justin Beiber, a police officer who uploaded his song-of-India lipsing in Youtube became an instant artist, getting more than 1 million fans in only three days after the uploading. Some people called this guy as Shah Rukh Khan from Gorontalo. Who is this person and why can he be so popular in a very short period? Let us go deeper.

Norman Kamaru is an Indonesian police officer from the unit of Mobile Brigade (Brimob) in Gorontalo, Sulawesi.  His unique hobby of lipsing (resembling the way India singer sings) has sent him into a very unique stage. After uploading his videos to Youtube, and accessed by some journalists, Norman Kamaru became a main focus of their news. This fact made his commander plan to give a punishment since he was wearing his police uniform when doing the lipsing.

Many Indonesian people gave support to Norman Kamaru and disagree of any punishment the commander would give to him. In two days, the support became bigger and bigger, not only from the root but also from many important and influencing figures in Indonesian society. Thus, the planning punishment was stopped. Even, Norman Kamaru was sent to Indonesian Police Headquarter in Jakarta to practice his ability in front of media  as well as the Chief Commander of Indonesian Police.

Many Indonesian people, public figures, artists considered the act of Norman Kamaru was in turn, bringing good image of his force, Indonesian police. They stated that the “fierce and stiff” image of Indonesian Police had been dramatically changed with Norman Kamaru’s sense of humor and art. Thus, his commander and also many Indonesian police leaders then permitted Norman Kamaru to improve and perform his ability, of course without neglecting his main responsibility and office-hours as a police officer.

Later on, after the permission, some offers came from many Indonesian TV companies. Norman Kamaru was asked to become guest star in some entertaining and news programs. Those offers inspired Norman Kamaru to choose whether he would continue becoming artist by leaving his position as a police officer or stay in his fixed job and raise his career in such very disiplined force.

Being trained well in police environment and his fully intense to serve himself in his current fixed job, Norman Kamaru strictly stated that he would rather stay becoming a police officer and perform his ability to cheer up his friends in Mobile Brigade, and if possible, use his spare time to cheer up more people outside his task force.


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