Jan 25, 2011


Yogyakarta people, who were just shocked by the big eruption of Mount Merapi that killed more than 100 people, now have to face new unique phenomenon that they never found before. An almost 70-meter-square crop circle had been accidentally found in local people’s rice field, Sunday, 23th of January, 2011 in Jogotirto Village, Berbah, Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. This mysterious pattern has been a main focus of some mass media in Indonesia recently.

Many people, from scientists, artists, and paranormals have their own interpretations of such a mysterious phenomenon. Indonesian Scientists have no exact explanation for the crop circle, but some of them said that it could be a natural effect. Some local artists did not admit of making such a complicated patter, even though they said they could make such a complicated art. Meanwhile, local paranormals said that the crop circle could be the product of unseen creatures.

A new shocking statement came from Indonesian UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) observers, known as BETA UFO. They were sure that the crop circle found in Yogyakarta was the trace of UFO ship which has just landed in the rice field.  Some members of UFO Community (BETA UFO) said that such a phenomenon was ever found also in Tuban, East Java, in 1987, but the pattern was not as smooth and nice as in Yogyakarta.

They believed that the pattern was the sign of UFO because since crop circles found in England and other countries around the world, in 1970s, there were no similar patterns as well as clear and satisfying explanations of such a phenomenon. Whatever the crop circle means, Indonesian people are really shocked of crop circle since it is very mysterious and unique for them. 


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