Jan 9, 2010


The words Deadly Sway is accordance with the conditions in most areas of Indonesia. Almost all regions in this country are very vulnerable to earthquakes because the world active tectonic and volcanic cluster, often called as Rings of Fire crossed this area. Areas that is relatively safe from earthquake is only Borneo Island. It is because no active faults crosses this big island
Various historical records of big earthquakes, above magnitude 6 graced Ritcher scale become natural phenomena in this country since long time ago. Therefore, not surprising that many of the original Indonesian building designed by Indonesian ancestors withstand earthquake shakes. Unfortunately, construction was abandoned by many people today tend to admire the construction of concrete and storey buildings.
Shake is a special thing in Indonesia and become another trauma for the victim of earthquake. However, the frequency of the earthquake which recently increases, although with a low scale, has become the general consumption of Indonesian society. Panic still occurs when the earthquake comes but causes no great panic.
In short, if you want to visit or live in Indonesia, just learn and love swaying because when the deadly sway comes, you will find the sensation to save yourself, not just panic that lead you to the disaster. Disaster is everywhere, it is just the way we act and respond to the phenomenon of life.


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