Feb 14, 2010


If you visit Indonesia, ask a waiter wherever you are on the menu made from tempeh. Tempeh is a food made from fermented soy beans and other similar materials which are generally white, and formed a solid texture before cooking.
 tempe picture taken from: www.betamagz.wordpress.com
Originally, tempeh comes from Indonesia. Although not recorded when the making of tempeh begins, this traditional food has been known since many centuries ago, in Javanese culture, especially in Yogyakarta and Suarakarta. Currently, Indonesia is the country's largest tempeh producer in the world and become the largest soybean markets in Asia. As many as 50% of Indonesian soy consumption takes the form of tempeh. 
source of picture: www.bsn.go.id
In Indonesia, tempeh is a food that served as side dishes that many Indonesian people consume. Because of its high protein, tempeh is currently used in many dishes in different parts of the world, especially as a substitute for meat that is considered to contain high cholesterol. Even many further researches related to tempeh have been done by several experts in Europe since they find the use of tempeh in some way, either to inhibit the aging process, prevent the occurrence of degenerative diseases, as antibacterial agents cause diarrhea, to lower blood cholesterol, and to prevent heart disease or hypertensions. 
The technique of making tempeh in Indonesia in general consists of stages boiling, peeling, soaking and pickling, washing, inoculation with yeast, packaging, and fermentation. Tempe is traditionally produced in Indonesia, wrapped in banana leaves, and sold in traditional markets.  Because Indonesia has gone through various developments, current tempeh made with modern machinery. So if you have time stop in Indonesia, try to enjoy and feel the difference of tempeh in its origin, Indonesia. 


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