Oct 13, 2011

Cheap Hotel in Bali

Visiting Bali as the first tourist-destination in Indonesia is probably your next plan. If you are about to follow some famous public figures like Julia Robert, Madona, and Richard Gere who have ever been amazed and enjoyed the atmosphere of this lovely Island, many things surely you have to prepare, especially cheap yet comfortable accommodation. The question is: Can we get cheap hotel in Bali?

Being one the most recommended tourist destinations in the world, Bali hides so many beautiful places that can not be explored only for one or two days. To enjoy the beauty of Bali, tourist needs at least 1 week stay and therefore, getting cheap hotel in Bali can save more money to enjoy not only the most famous places such as Kuta Beach, Ubud, or Jimbaran Bay but also Menjangan Island, Lovina Beach, Mount Batur, Tamblingan Lake, and so forth, which give you greater experience of exploring nature and culture of Bali in complete episode.

Getting cheap hotels in Bali is not as complicated as we mighty think before. As Bali has been a favorite tourist destination for so long, many businessmen as well as local residents try to run their business in this island by providing comfortable accommodation, including small hotels. If we might think that good hotels in Bali force us to take out at least US $30, wait, we can even find a comfortable hotel as low as less than US $10.

For example, LonelyPlanet, one of the most recommended travel books in the world, has stated that in Lovina Beach, there are some cheap small hotels, which cost us only about US $8. It is true, just go to this lovely beach and begin to bargain, and that’s it, such amount of money will give us one night comfortable rest. Finding cheap hotel in Bali is possible and for this matter, do not hesitate to bargain for the room rate.

Based on our own experience, cheap hotel in Bali can be found by bargaining. Many negotiations so far have ended in win-win solution, where tourists and hotel crews meet agreement in lowering the room rate. This possibly applies in hostel. However, big star hotels sometimes give much discount for those who order long before their visit. Thus, on the day tourists come, they will get cheap hotels and comfortably explore all Bali attractions economically.

To make a conclusion, getting cheap hotel in Bali is possibly done when we know how and what to do. Prepare your journey to this Island of God and enjoy the hospitality of its culture and nature without paying much cost for your hotel.


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