Jan 3, 2010


Although Indonesia is inhabited by hundreds of ethnic groups, but the largest tribe in this country is Java, which is now found in various islands in Indonesia. This tribe has their own language, which is called Bahasa Java or Javanese Language. Uniquely, the Javanese language has three levels according to whom the communication is. The differences include the language level for younger people, the same age, and who are considered older, or more respected. Like Japanese language, Java language also has special characters, with 20 alphabet called:
ha, na, ca, ra, ka,
da, ta, sa, wa, la,
pa, dha, ja, ya, nya,
ma, ga, ba, tha, nga
With certain rules, the expressions in Java language can be formed with these letters.
Unfortunately, the current Java language is mostly mastered by the old. The majority of young people are lack of grammatical understanding of Java language, although in everyday social life, they communicate with this language. Linguistic aspects of Java have a strong social influence in Javanese culture and make the Javanese very conscious of social status in society.
Quantitatively, the Javanese majority embraced Islam, the rest profess Protestantism, Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Confucianism. There is also a religious belief that the Javanese embrace, that is called Kejawen. This belief is mainly based on animism with strong Hindu-Buddhist influences. Javanese community are famous for their belief, ie all foreign cultures are absorbed and interpreted according to the values of Java.
Javanese people have a stereotype as polite and refined, but they are also known as closed people and tend not to be frank. This property is said based on the character of the Javanese who want to maintain harmony and avoid conflict, which is why they tend to be silent and not denied in the event of differences of opinion. However, not all Javanese have a closed attitude and did not want to talk much. People in the area east of Java tend to have egalitarian nature, straightforward, open, frank, candid, and do not like small talk.


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