Jan 5, 2010


Formerly, the staple food in Indonesia consists of five kinds; they are rice, wheat, corn, sago, and yams or cassava. Most people in the island of Java, Sumatra, and Borneo consume rice as a staple food. Sago is consumed much in Maluku and Papua, while the corn is consumed in East Nusa Tenggara. Rice is processed in such a way and consumed along with additional food such as vegetables and side dishes. 
As a staple food, rice can be found easily in restaurants throughout Indonesia. Various dishes use rice as their main dish. However, rice consumption is generally accompanied by side dishes such as chicken, fish, meat, tempeh, or tofu. 
Bread in Indonesia normally is made from wheat and yams, or cassava and not a staple food, so sometimes considered a luxury. Good quality bread is a bit difficult to find in rural areas. Meanwhile, for the vegetarians, the consumption of rice with tempeh, which is usually made from soy, could be used as alternative daily food.


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