Jan 17, 2010


In the era of competitive globalization today, job is a very sought after by many people. Similarly in Indonesia, thousands or even hundreds of thousands of graduates of schools and colleges look for work, and only a few who decided to be entrepreneurs. But unfortunately, the vacancies are far below the number of these graduates. As a result, unemployment in Indonesia is increasing.
Meanwhile, the existence of a contract system applied by a variety of big companies make most workers busy looking for employment opportunities after their employment contract ends, competing with more and fresh graduates. Their returning to compete, combined with the intention of the new graduates who also want to take advantage of certificate obtained, causes of labor competition in this country is more stringent.
The job insecurity due to the contact system creates an obsession for graduates and even workers to get a job, which is considered the most secure in developing country, that is to become government official. Job within the scope of government is increasingly in demand and coveted as "dream job." In addition to the low level pressure, not too tight working hours, clear enough career, until good job security, make becoming government official is a dream job. Moreover, becoming a government official is a pride for the majority of Indonesian society, which until now is still thick with feudal culture.
Therefore, do not be surprised when the vacancy as public servants or government officials posted in various media, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of applicants will apply for the jobs, even when that vacancy is available only for a few people. This is the phenomenon of getting a job in Indonesia in the globalization era that is full of competition, termination of contract, and termination of employment done by large companies.


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