Jan 6, 2010


The traffic in Indonesia is quite disordered. Facilities and infrastructure such as roads, bridges, and signs have been installed. However, the density of vehicles in big cities like Jakarta, Medan, Surabaya is so high that traffic jams often occur, even for hours.
Most motor vehicles in Indonesia are made by Japan. Even in meeting market demand, companies have established Japanese automotive assembly plant in this country so that the level of public purchases of Japanese cars is getting higher in Indonesia.
Mobilization of Indonesian people nowadays is so high, especially on the last two decades, which is resulted in the use of motorized vehicles, especially two-wheeler ones increasing throughout Indonesia. Automotive companies of China, especially motorcycle manufacturers go even use the high interest of Indonesian society by producing several brands of motorcycles.
 Viewed from the use of motor vehicles, motorists in this country are driving so fast that very difficult as the pedestrians to cross the street. If you're driving, do not be surprised when many people horn behind you when you drive slowly.


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