Feb 21, 2010


As a country several times colonized by other nations, Indonesia has been able to carve out history as a nation that succeeded in rising from the long occupation. History has proven that from the Asian-African Conference held in 1955 in Bandung, Indonesia has become a pillar of inspiration and has a big impact for the struggle of countries of Asia and Africa to escape from the shackles of colonialism.
Asian-African Conference picture taken from : www.indonesian.cri.cn
High Level Conference on Asian-African (Asian-African Summit which is also often called the Bandung Conference) was a summit between Asian countries and Africa, most of which had just gained independence. This conference was initiated and organized by Indonesia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka , India, and Pakistan and was coordinated by Indonesian Foreign Minister who at that time was held by Ruslan Abdulgani. The conference took place in 18 to 24 April 1955, in Merdeka Building, Bandung, Indonesia and was attended by 29 countries, representing more than half the total world population in time.
diorama picture by: www.tutinonka.wordpress.com
Asian-African Conference which preceded the Colombo Conference in April-May 1954 and Bogor Conference in December 1954, was an attempt to stem the attacks from the hegemony of both parties winning a huge block of the Cold War, the United States (U.S.) and the Soviet Union and an alternative offer of non - -military service for the developing countries of Asia and Africa. The Conference was a turning point in world history which was attended by well-known leaders of the newly-independent countries in Asia and Africa, namely: Chou En-Lai, Ho Chi Minh, John Lionel Kotalawela, Mohammad Ali, Nasser, Nehru, Sukarno , U-Nu, and others.
This Asian-African Conference in Bandung was the first time in world history representative of the former colonies to unite their strength and purpose to survive against the hegemony. This conference was the birth of what is now called the Third World Countries), The New Emerging Forces, or the Developing Countries.
However, as the initiator and the host of Asian-African Conference, Indonesia could strengthen its prestige in the world. Later on, Asian-African Conference influenced Indonesian foreign policies. Since then, the name of Indonesia started to count in the international arena, especially Asia and Africa.


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