Feb 26, 2010


indonesian souvenir, picture by: www.azeema.indonetwork.or.id
In visiting tourist objects in Indonesia, we must be really patient, not only because we have to queue in the number of visitors but also a group of local merchants who sell on around us. Various good offers of food, drinks, and souvenirs will colorize our visit, even inside the area of the tourist objects.  If you do not put any attention to it exactly, it will definitely disturb you comfort and smoothness in enjoying the tourism objects.
local merchant, picture by: www.flicker.com
In Indonesia, almost in every tourist places there must be merchants. Besides being devoted to revenue local government’s income, the existence of tourist objects is intended as a to rise the economics of surrounding communities. For that intention, the local government usually provides a special place for merchants to sell. But unfortunately, some of these merchants are mobile, trying to approach visitors to offer their goods in a frontal ways. As a result, many visitors may feel disturbed by their behavior.

Such sight is usual in Indonesia. We will meet a lot merchants when visiting international-level tourist object such as Borobudur Temple, Prambanan Temple, and Mount Bromo. Therefore, it is best if at the time of the visit, we focus on enjoying the attractions in advance, and if we want to buy souvenirs, do after you are satisfied enjoying the beauty of these objects. Time is one thing you have to spend wisely in visiting the tourist objects in Indonesia because the country has many charms that await your visit.
Last but not least, feel free to say “no” when you are not interested in buying the local merchant’s goods rather than just walk away, tempting them to keep offering. Indonesian merchants is used to be firm in offering.


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