Mar 11, 2010


Indonesian Military for the UN, picture by:
In every conflict, the UN almost always asked Indonesia to send its troops to support peacekeeping missions under UN command. Since the 1950s, Indonesia has been given the opportunity to become one of the contributors to peacekeeping forces. One thing that is often questionable, what is the main assets of TNI so that often involved in UN peacekeeping missions because in terms of weaponry, there are many units of other countries’ soldiers who have more complete and modern weaponry.
When viewed from its goal, the UN’s mission of peace in every post-conflict area tends to demand peacekeeping personnel who can protect and cheer up people around. These efforts can not be done with a gun but instead rely on the cultural approach. This is the approach so far adopted by TNI (Indonesian Military). So far as proven, most Contingents of TNI can be accepted by society in conflict areas.
Cultural Performance by TNI, picture by:
In a speech before sending Garuda Contingent XXIII-C1/UNIFIL (Indonesian Military under command of the UN for Lebanon) some time ago, Operations Assistant Commander, Major General Supiadin said that in principle, the strategy of peace in war areas is not necessarily by weapon, but by controlling people's minds and hearts. Peacekeeping force is a team to keep the peace rather than peace-maker and should be neutral.
Therefore, before sending a number of personnel to support UN peacekeeping duty, Indonesian military always equips its troops with knowledge not only of fighting but also of local cultural and personal approaches so that the troops can interact and be blended with the surrounding community. With that approach, surrounding people’s sympathy be created and it can be used to provide a conducive situation for the troops itself.


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