Mar 4, 2010


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Barack Obama’s success in becoming the President of the United States not only brought up Indonesia in world news. The history of childhood's first black president in America had inspired some of the media to review Indonesia as one place where Barack Obama spent his childhood. Not only that, Ilham Anas, a photographer who was born Bandung on January 25, 1974 also had brought Indonesia into an international topic due to his resemblance to Barack Obama.
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Ilham Anas is an Indonesian citizen whose name became famous when Barack Obama won the presidential election in America some time ago. At that time, some colleagues of Ilham Anas who saw his resemblance to the 44th president of these United States then took the initiative to make a joke. They dressed Ilham Anas with a suit, tie, and took a photo of him in Obama’s pose. The images were then spread on the Internet and after that, some advertising offers came to Ilham Anas. 
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At first, Ilham was called to sign a contract by Philippines advertising company for pharmaceutical products in the the country. In the ad, he served as Obama, complete with his suit. Currently, the various advertising offers come to him, even in Indonesia. Now, one of the ads that often appear in Indonesian mass media mostly is associated with Menteng Elementary School in Jakarta as a place of the original Obama's childhood schooling. Ilham Anas’ resemblance to Barack Obama is certainly also a pride for Indonesian in general due to the benefit of bringing this country more famous. 


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