Mar 28, 2010


For anyone who loves traveling, visiting Lake Toba is a good choice because this lake offers a blend of natural beauty and unique community life. Lake Toba itself is a volcanic lake with a length of 100 kilometers and 30 kilometers wide, located in North Sumatra, Indonesia. In the middle of this lake, there is a volcanic island called Samosir.

According to research, Lake Toba was the result of a huge explosion occurred at around 73000-75000 years ago and an eruption Super volcano. Volcanic materials from the super volcano spit out as much as 2800 km ³, with 800 km ³ of rock and 2,000 km ³ overlies the volcanic ash which lasted in the air during 2 weeks. Volcanic dust had spread to half the earth, from China to South Africa. The explosion occurred during the 1st week and threw dust 10 km above sea level.

This incident caused mass death and also participated in several species extinction. After the eruption, the caldera was formed then filled with water and became what is now known as Lake Toba. Pressure upward by magma that has not come out cause the appearance of Samosir Island.

In terms of tourism, as one of the important tourist destinations in North Sumatra, Lake Toba has been equipped with complete facilities of hotels, transportation, as well as other tourist attractions. Facilities for boats and small boats around the lake are also available.


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