Apr 16, 2010


In a modern battle, the role of a sniper is very important to minimize the movement of enemy. Based on the immediate needs of the sniper weapons, Indonesian army tries to create and develop weapons for the sniper known as Senjata Penembak Runduk (SPR).

SPR is made in 3 versions namely SPR1, SPR2, and SPR3. According to the Design Graphic of Weapons Division of PT Pindad, Dede Tasiri and an engineer Nana Mulyana, SPR is expected to provide efficiencies for the Army compared to other imported products. From the count, SPR production has lower prices and same good function, especially when compared to Black Arrow M93 whose price is above USD 1 billion per piece.

SPR 1 has a 7.62 mm caliber bullet with a distance of 900 meters accuracy. Though inspired by other existing sniper weapon such as Balack Arrow, according to Dede, the presence of SPR-2 tended to have their own unique designs although in some form, SPR still take the design from Black Arrow M93 and NTW-20 (South Africa).

SPR-2 on the effective range can penetrate layers of steel with thickness up to 2 cm at a distance of 500 meters while SPR3 is able to penetrate 3 cm-thick steel with a distance of 700 meters. The three sniper’s weapon is not as expensive as those made in other country such as Rusia, US, or Japan, but PT Pindad claimed that the performance of those made-in Indonesia sniper weapon are dependable.


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