May 15, 2010


Along with the development of internet access in Indonesia, Indonesian’s activities in cyberspace are getting increasing in diverse ways, including in spreading specific messages. One unique but very controversial way often applied by Indonesian “netter” (a call for who are involved in the Internet world) in facing a bad situation in the middle of the community is to display their messages at specific sites through hacking activities. Similarly, in responding the current big case involving a general in Indonesian Police, Commissaries General Susno Duadji, Indonesian hackers use their skill.
Case that struck the three-star police general, Susno Duadji, is getting increasingly complex. The netter’ supporting Susno Duadji made a surprise by showing an icon of resistance against the irregularities of law enforcement in Indonesia. According to them, whatever his motive, Susno Duadji has the right to speak and open many indications of irregularities in the body of Indonesian Police.
Once the netter found a proper poster of Susno Duadji, they then installed it on some specific sites. Until today, there are at least 60 sites that were hacked by them and the number could be growing. However, now most of the 60 sites already tried to repair and to protect their side so that the messages sent by the hackers, "Indonesian Hacker Dukung Susno Duadji Untuk Kebenaran. Mari Bersama Bpk. Susno Kita Berantas Mafia Hukum di Indonesia" (Indonesia Hackers Support Susno Duadji For The Truth. Come Together Mr. Susno We Fight Mafia Law in Indonesia) is no longer legible. According to a national newspaper (, here are some sites that the netters have put their message:


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