May 17, 2010


Does black magic really exist in Indonesia? Do you believe that there are strange diseases in Indonesia? To make sure, you can visit A Health Museum, located on Indrapura Street, Number 17, Surabaya, Indonesia. In this museum, there is a variety of scientific records as well as research developed in the field of health in Indonesia. One of the museum's exhibition halls presents a special display of all things related to witchcraft (Santet), such as pottery bowls and dolls whose stomach imbedded with nails, rotten eggs, hair, thread, and more, commonly used in witchcraft activities.
According to one of the organizers of the museum, story around black magic is really in the realm of health sciences in Indonesia, but the magical method is sometimes untouchable by modern medical technology. Therefore, all things related to health technique displayed on this museum is not all those of modern technology. Most of them are related to traditional health methods developed in Indonesia.
Another unique part of this museum is the Cultural Health Hall. This space illustrates clearly how health methods based on belief, supernatural power, as well as the unseen world become a cultural reality that existed and developed in Indonesia since long time ago. This museum provides scientific explanations of any treatment myths and supernatural smells. Various scientific research results ever recorded are hung on the sides of the storefront showroom.
The Museum which was officially opened on September 14, 2004 is also equipped with Laboratory and Traditional Medicine and Laboratory of Acupuncture. Therefore, this museum has become the major tourist attractions providing the most complete history of health methods in Indonesia.


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