Jan 7, 2010


As an agrarian country, Indonesia has potential land for various crops, including tobacco. Thousand hectares of crops has become the main pedestal portion of the population of Indonesia. From this tobacco farming, millions of workers absorbed, especially by tobacco companies.
With such raw material abundance, tobacco companies in Indonesia, from the home industry level to international industry spread throughout Indonesia, especially in Java. Not surprisingly, when visiting this country, you will find various types and brands of local cigarettes that cost quite cheap with a unique taste, because most of cigarettes in Indonesia, given the scent of cloves or other sensitive materials.
In daily life, most men in this country are addicted to cigarettes. They are heavy smoker. In addition, employment and taxation of this industry is so great that the cigarette industry in this country keep growing until today. For that, for you smokers, Indonesia is one of the alternative destinations if you want to enjoy the various taste of tobacco. 


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