Jan 21, 2010


That was so many people complain about living in Indonesia today, especially in big cities. Various forest destructions have caused the temperature in this tropical country increasing. If the former Indonesian society is spoiled with the bushy of forests, the green of fields, and the shade of trees, such the environment now has become an expensive sight for some people of Indonesia
Global warming that has plagued the world has been felt by Indonesian community. Various preventive efforts to minimize the effects of global warming have been carried out by many parties, especially through optimization of forest conservation and rehabilitation.
However, the expansion of residential and industrial land in big cities such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, and other cities remain grow, creating a special problem that until now has not been resolved properly. Although directly feeling the impact of global warming in daily life, urban society is not fully awake of the dangers of global warming. Habits such as littering, attitudes in driving, and other bad habits contribute to other pollution levels are still done and visible in various parts of the city.
This is a fact that happened in Indonesia last decades. The increasing of temperature is strongly felt by the majority of Indonesian people so now they aer familiar with the term, "uh, it’s hot as hell here."


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