Jan 18, 2010


If we see a glimpse of the description of the site's most famous agent of America, the CIA, Indonesia is considered as a dangerous country. Really?  Dangerous category here is taken from the conclusions in the field of health stating that the level of risk of transmitting diseases carried by mosquitoes in the country with more than 220 people is high. This issue of course raises some reactions and concerns. However, is Indonesia as dangerous as the CIA states? 
Foreign tourists visiting Indonesia had mostly packed with topical anti-mosquito repellents due to their worrying about the mosquitoes attack. Malaria mosquitos attacks occur in the tropics are considered to be a pretext threat to the tourists. However, this last one a few years, the spread of malaria and mosquito breeding may actually have been anticipated by the Government with preventive measures that involved all elements of the society. 
Of all cases that have been recorded by Department of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, the largest percentage of malaria incidents is in the area of Papua, West Irian. These incidents are caused by several things, both in terms of natural communities and their habits. 
According to some health experts, malaria transmission often occurs in the newly occupied areas, especially in tropical forests. New residential mosquito nests also resulted in increasing outbreaks of malaria while the migrants often have no knowledge about how to prevent this transmission of malaria, and they are also not immune to it forming. In addition, climate change is also associated with increased cases of malaria.
This is”homework" for the Indonesian and people of the world that Indonesia is very broad with islands separated so that the condition of the environment should not be equated with other environments. In essence, cases of malaria that occurred in Papua do not reflect that Indonesia so dangerous as the CIA states.


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