Jan 12, 2010


If we look back on the life of ancient historical references, one thing we may agree that the time has long passed. Various researches, discoveries, and the analogies have been made by researchers to uncover the secret of history of life at that time. However, do you know that to this day, living proof about that ancient life can still be found? The next question is: Who? Nobody but it was Lizard!

According to some researchers and historians, Komodo dragons as a kind of lizards are found in the territory of East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Komodo is one of prehistoric animals that is still alive and reproduce. The world's largest lizard can reach lengths of 3 meters and weight 90 kg! A measure that is very scary for those who hate the lizards.
Komodo scientifically was known first in 1912 as Varanus komodoensis. About 2,000 Komodo dragons are now protected in Komodo National Park, Indonesia. Komodo dragons prefer to stay under low-lying bush and the surrounding savanna in search of food, sometimes also found at an altitude of between 400-600 meters. As fat-looking lizards, Komodo dragons are both predators and scavengers. Adult Komodo dragons regularly attack and kill deer, wild boars, buffaloes and wild horses and young Komodo dragons usually hatch around April.
Finally, what is the message from an ancient life actually? If I may conclude, if the lizards look like that, how did other animals or humans look at that time? Dinosaur and “its friends” is the answer.


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