Jan 9, 2010


For those who like ice-skating, trying this outdoor activity in Indonesia may be one of the toughest challenges. Why? Because the only snowy area in Indonesia is on the mountains of Sudirman,  West Irian, with one of its most famous peak, Carstenz Pyramid. At the altitude of about 4.880 meters above sea level, ice-skating in this area for some people is an impossibility, due to less oxygen and harsh terrain.
With that height, Carstenz Pyramid is the highest peak in Southeast Asia and Pacific. The name of Carstenz was taken from Jan Carstenz, a captain  of a small Dutch ship who first spread news about the snow on the equator to Europe. News of snow in the tropical area had became a debate in Europe and some concerning people eventually formed Dutch Expedition team to check the truth of the story. In recognition of the true information told by Jan Carstenz, the glacier area was then called Carstenz, while Pyramid was taken from physical shape of the peak  that resembles a pyramid.
Snow in Carstensz Pyramide is eternal, which lasts almost throughout the year. Most people called Carstensz Pyramide as the roof of Indonesia because there is no higher place in this country than Carstensz Pyramide. Snow in Carstenz Pyramid can be seen even from the South Sea of Papua, miles away from that astounding mountain.
To reach this area, a good travel management is needed. Various permits must be obtained. Not only that, the mastery of the field, survival skills, and mountaineering techniques must be mastered if you do not want to fail in the middle of Papua big tropical forest. So, do you still want to do ice-skating in Indonesia?


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