Jan 23, 2010


If you are a romantic person, of course, you have ever given a flower to the person you love most. However, is rose the only flower you rely on this matter? Was there any idea to give other flowers instead? Probably, Rafflesia flower is your possible choice.
Raflessia Arnoldi, so people call this largest flower in the world. The words of "Rafflesia arnoldi" were taken from the names of two scientists who named Sir Stamford Raffles and physicist named Joseph Arnold. They discovered this plant in 1818 when exploring the steep area near Bengkulu.
Rafflesia grows in the forest Southern Sumatra, especially Bengkulu. These flowers can reach a diameter of about 1 meter high and 50 cm. Rafflesia flower has no roots, stems, or leaves. The flowers have 5 crowns. This rate of growth period takes up to 9 months, but the flowering period is only 5-7 days. After that, Rafflesia will wither and die.
In short, if you still have the romance until this moment, take the person you love to see this flower as a sign of your romanticism. Forget the roses, show romanticism through this largest flower in the world: Rafflesia Arnoldi, Romantically Stinky


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