Jan 13, 2010


This question arises when an idea that humans could live on mars came after some signs of life were found in the planet a few years ago. Although still debated by experts, the possibility of life on Mars has led to the human desire to live on the very-far-away planet. However, what exactly is the essence of living on Mars when the Earth still offers very wide place to live in?
As the world's largest archipelago, Indonesia still has thousands of inhabited islands to mankind. So far as recorded, there are over 17,500 islands in this country. Of these, about 6,000 have not been inhabited. Even large islands such as the island of Borneo (539,460 square km) still offer a vast land for us to live in. In addition, Indonesia also has more than 9.600 unnamed island awaiting additional residents.
Such an extent area of Indonesia can become a reflection for people on the earth to review the desire to live on Mars. God has given a wonderful earth, complete with its natural resources for the entire inhabitants, as well as for the next descendants of Adam. Human’s obligation is to maintain the beauty of this earth so everybody can stay comfortably, both today and for future generations. Therefore, is living in Mars still our choice when the earth stay offering a million beauty and pleasure for mankind?


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