Feb 7, 2010


Do you remember the Indonesian’s welcoming of President George W Bush in 2006? It was a preparation that spent billions of dollars of the Government of Indonesia, including the building of a highly controversial helipad at the Bogor Botanical Gardens. In this year, 2010 also, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia also spends large funds in preparation for the visit of the President of the United States, Barrack Obama, who once spent his childhood in Jakarta. In fact, long before the visit plan as some mass media reported, a bronze statue, worth about 100 million rupiahs have been built in Menteng area that used to be a play ground of Obama.
source: www.indonesianfirst.com
From some special treatments for the American president, came a presumption that the Indonesian glorifies America as a big country and very powerful. United States is briefly considered as the "boss" who should be served very well. However, is the U.S. really so meaningful to the people of Indonesia?
Undeniably, a variety of American culture, from fashion to lifestyle has colored the life of Indonesian society. The popularity of cowboy clothes, superman, KFC, and American country songs are widely recognized by most of Indonesia people. Flag of the United States is also widely adopted in various products made in Indonesia. Even the English language applied by younger generation of Indonesia is American-English, not British English or Australian English. This indicates that Indonesia has adopted many of American culture.
Therefore, although American’s role is much controversial among Indonesian society, as a trend setter, America is considered the most influential country for Indonesia. America’s soul has much been adopted in Indonesian society that is very difficult for the people of this country to escape the shadow of America.


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