Feb 4, 2010


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Have you ever visited Borobudur? This wonder of the world is one of the most popular tourism destinations in Indonesia. However, do you know that there are new rules in Borobudur? This rules are issued because so far Borobudur has been widely regarded as a mere tourist attraction when for Buddhists, Borobudur actually functions as a holy place  that is closely related to religious activities
Starting on February 1, 2010, visitors who want to climb the level of the temple but only wear pants or short skirts and high heels should be willing to use sarong and flip-flops that have been prepared by the officers. This rule is intended to honor the temple as one of the largest shrine in Indonesian Buddhists.
Uniquely, the sarong provided by the officers uses batik as its motif so it become a way to socialize and promote batik as a fashion trend of Indonesian nation. At a glance, it seems so complicated if we are not used to wear sarong, but based on the opinion of some tourists who have used that sarong, wearing it becomes an unforgettable moment to record.
In addition, it is another unique thing that if we look back at the historical development of Buddhism, Borobudur Temple functions as the world's largest place of worship for Buddha. Of course, it raises a big question about why the Buddha chose the area which now belongs to Indonesia as a place of development even though historically, Buddhism came from India. This is a mystery that has not been revealed.

One thing that must be understood that Borobudur is still used as a place of worship by Buddhists to the present so that anyone is obliged to respect the temple by obeying the rules. Enjoy the beauty of Borobudur temple and feel free to be stylish with batik sarong and flip-flops.


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