Feb 28, 2010


the elegance of Joglo, picture by: www.ragam-budaya.blogspot.com
If you are visiting to villages in Indonesia, you will have an opportunity to see the original architecture of traditional houses of local communities that are difficult to find in urban areas. Various forms of traditional house colorize Indonesian society. Although this is becoming obsolete, replaced with stately buildings of modern architecture, traditional house is precisely the main attraction for art lovers, including the traditional Javanese house known as "Joglo."

the frame of Joglo, picture by: www.atgaba.wordpress.com
 Joglo is the framework of the main building of a traditional Javanese house which consists of four Soko Guru (main pillars) supporting the building structure and a form of Tumpang Sari (intercropping block structures). The four Soko Guru is a symbol of 4 cardinal directions while Tumpang Sari is usually defined as (in Javanese Philosophy) the level to go to the perfection of life.
At first, the owners of Joglo generally are rich people. Related to the cost, the building of  Joglo requires a lot of quite expensive materials, most of them come from teak wood. In addition, this construction also requires a special ritual that is considered sacred by the Javanese community. While from social aspect, Joglo is identical to belong to high-level-status people, especially those who come from royal family.
Currently, Joglo is very rare and relatively expensive in price. Because of its scarcity and elegance, the price of a Joglo can reach hundreds of millions of rupiah. However, Joglo is generally still used in government offices as a meeting hall on the island of Java, especially Central Java Province and Yogyakarta. The elegant looking of Joglo is a pride for the Javanese community who are is now starting to lose their priceless ancestors’ artwork.
Apart from the elegance, Joglo is proved to be able to withstand earthquake vibrations. This was proven by the earthquake that hit Central Java and Yogyakarta in 2006. Some Joglo belong to private and governments were still strongly standing despite the big earthquake, 5.9 Ritcher Scale. Even after the disaster, the strength of Joglo as one of earthquake-resistant houses become more popular and then increase its price among the society.


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