Apr 20, 2010


Kuda Lumping dance is an Indonesia art that is played with a replica of horse, made from woven bamboo or braids. None of the historical records can explain the origin of this dance, only verbal history passed down from one generation to the next.

It was said that Kuda Lumping dance is a form of appreciation and support for the cavalry of Prince Diponegoro against Dutch colonialists. Some believes that Kuda Lumping dance depicts the struggle of Raden Patah, the assisted by Sunan Kalijaga, against the Dutch colonialists.

Regardless of their origin and historical value, Kuda Lumping dance reflects the spirit of heroism and military aspects of a cavalry. This can be seen from the rhythmic movements, dynamic and aggressive, through the flick of woven bamboo, mimicking the movement like a horse in the middle of a war.

Kuda Lumping dance performances often featured by an attraction demonstrating magical and supernatural power, such as chewing glass, slashing someone’s arm with a machete, burning away, walking on broken glass, and others. Perhaps, the supernatural force attraction reflects the power used by the leaders of the Kingdoms developing in Java long time ago, and is a non-military aspect used to fight against Dutch troops.

Today, Kuda Lumping can be found in several places in Java, Indonesia. This dance is usually displayed on certain events, such as when welcoming guest of honor, in a thanksgiving ceremony, and other activities intended to thank to God, the Almighty.


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