Feb 2, 2010


Mankind gratitude for the gift of God is carried out in various forms, both in beliefs and customs. However, sometimes the two ways are done together in a unique ceremony so that people have diverse understanding about it. This generally occurs in Indonesia where the culture and customs of society are still very high upheld.

Kind of Sesaji (Offering) 

The expression of gratitude in this largest maritime country in the world, especially by the fishermen who have an abundance of fish, is manifested in a special ceremony known as the "Sedekah Laut." (Throwing Offering for The Sea). Sedekah Laut is a sacred ceremony involving the entire community of fishermen. The procession of the ceremony generally accompanied by throwing offerings, which consists of as rice cone, head of goat, roast chicken, various fruits, and other traditional foods.

Uniquely, these offerings are dedicated to the Queen (Queen of The Sea) that is believed to be the ruler of the ocean surrounding their place of fishing. When this throwing offering ceremony is held, fishermen are prohibited to go fishing. The fishermen expect, with through the ceremony (Sedekah Laut), they are always given the blessing and safety. They pray that the ruler of the sea would not be angry and fish that they get will also abundant.
Although sometimes regarded merely as a symbol of tradition, but it is not common that people who are lack the understanding of religion assume that Sedekah Laut is one of the obligations that can not be abandoned. Once they did not perform the ceremony, a calamity would befall to the people around the sea. Similarly, fish catches would not be a lot. This is a phenomenon of tradition sometimes misunderstood.


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