Mar 1, 2010


Impact of Indonesian earthquake 
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Living in a country through which very active world tectonic plate lies, Indonesian people are always alert to the earthquake. Various measures of prevention and preparation have been done by Indonesian people, especially those that have felt the direct impact of such an earthquake in Aceh, Sumatra, Java, Maluku, and Irian. Even from the view the local traditional houses, Indonesian ancestors turned out to make earthquake-resistant houses to prevent more loss in such natural disaster.
The world's tectonic plate
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Indonesian society today begins familiar with the earthquake which happen almost continuously. For Indonesian, each earthquake that occurs in parts of the world will be responded as a sign of the beginning of the next earthquake. Similarly, the earthquake that occurred in Haiti and Chile several days ago also have been a public concern for Indonesian people because it will be very possible that the tectonic plates across Indonesia, Japan, and America is again shifted and causes the earthquake in other parts of the earth.
With the experience of being victims of the several earthquakes, Indonesian people have calculated some safety aspects such as in building houses, they tend to use earthquake resistant materials that is not too heavy like wood, use the techniques of self-rescue, use some goods as a protective materials when the earthquake happen like a cupboard, bed, or table. Those furniture so far has been proven to be effective enough to protect the body from the ruins of the building.
One thing that has always been a public concern that the earthquake in Indonesia is part of life along the world's tectonic plates. Therefore, the world community in these pathways must be always aware of. For those who are living in New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Japan, America, and Latin America, let along the Indonesian people to prepare for the next earthquake after that of Chile.


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