Apr 22, 2010


If in America we often hear some forbidden sects, which often teach an absolute belief of another world, the coming of Judgment Day, as well as mass suicide, today in Indonesia some heresies also emerge and become a very controversial phenomenon amid society. Even though the Indonesia government banned the forbidden teachings, many new followers of those heresies still colorize the society. Even, they are very loyal to their deviated teachings.
Heresy recently emerged in various regions with their respective phenomena. As said KH Amin Ma'ruf, based on the findings of the MUI (an organization that rules the life of religion in Indonesia), the heresies grew in almost all parts of Indonesia. Even though involving all religions in this country, mostly they were identified as Islamic group's teachings but their teachings are far from those taught in Islam.
Heresy emerged in Indonesia because of the weak faith and knowledge of some Muslims. They were easily influenced and deviated into a heresy. Other factors might be because there were some liberal-minded Muslims that considered Islam as a simple religion that could be changed as what they liked. In addition, it was quite possible there were groups in Indonesia which deliberately wanted to destroy the true teachings of Islam.
Some people keep trying to weaken the faith of Indonesian Muslim due to their hatred of the development of Islam. They, for instance, make people start to not believe fully in the Qur'an. They only use the Koran as the foundation of their religious life and reject the detailed teaching in Hadith. Ironically, the genre continues to grow and call their activities as a new movement and Islamic reform. In fact, they actually may have been fallen into a heresy.


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