Apr 19, 2010


Kesurupan is a phenomenon when a person is outside the control of his own thought and acts in a strange ways like yelling, talking alone, and crying loudly. Some people assume that kesurupan is caused by supernatural forces that penetrated into the soul of a person. In Indonesia, this incident happen very often, even in a mass way that involve dozens of people, mostly women.

Symptoms of kesurupan often occur when someone is in the wrong place and time. Usually kesurupan happen to a person who is too tired, in an empty mind, and less strong faith. This situation can easily be exploited by forces of the unseen, which usually can not be controlled. In general, people who are in kesurupan (trance) have a strange behavior with the characteristics as below:

- A sharp gaze, empty straight ahead.
- His voice turns into a flat without intonation.
-  Having ability to answer magical questions.
- His physical strength exceeds.
- At a certain level, people who are in kesurupan are able to do something unusual such as flying, lifting big and heavy material, and throwing people.
- Having bulging eyes.

Almost everyone who is in kesurupan can be recovered. The man capable to do the curing is called “Orang Pintar” that is dominated by religious leader.

Those who do not want to be in kesurupan, these steps will help prevent everyone fro that condition:
1. Do not allow yourself to be empty (daydream)
2. Avoid sacred places.
3. Do not have a habit of talking or yelling in a sacred place
4. Do not challenge nature (such as mountains, seas, forests, etc.). Do not brag.
5. Be close to God.


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