May 21, 2010


During this May 2010, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia through BPS (Indonesian Statistics Bureau) is holding population census. The activity of census itself is not very unique but the finding of this census is surprising. The team from BPS found the oldest citizens, not only in Indonesia but perhaps also in the world.
The Population Census activity has been carried out with the system of “door-to-door” where officers visit each family to be recorded. Surprisingly, in recording and collecting data, census officers in Pandeglang, West Java Province, Indonesia found Maemunah, who was estimated 143 years old. Maemunah lives in Kampung Jaha Girang, Rt 15/06, Kadu Dodol Village, Cimanuk, Pandeglang Regency. She was allegedly born in 1867.
Uniquely, at such an old age, Maemunah who has 10 children still can work like a 60 years-old person. According to Darwati, her eighth daughter who is now 69 years old, Maemunah always asks for her favorite food such as bread, candy, and milk. Within a day, Maemunah can spend 2-3 cans of milk and a jar of candy. Maemunah is also never sick. All her organs like body, eyes, nose, mouth, hands, and others are still functioning normally, except for her ear. Maemunah also told her experience during the eruption of Mount Krakatau in 1883. She said that the eruption was followed by a big tremor.
Currently, BPS has been collecting supporting evidence to trace Maemunah’s actual age because in the year 1876, Indonesia did not yet exist and birth certificate had not yet been issued. One of the Government's efforts to prove the truth of such data is by tracing the Maemunah’s family tree. If the data is true that Maemunah is 143 years old, of course she will remove the oldest human according to Guinness World Records, Kama Chinen, a resident of a sub-tropical island of Okinawa, Japan, who died on May 2, 2010 ago when she was 114 years 357 days, as well as beat the oldest woman in West Java, Kasliah (115 years old) from District Cikatomas, Tasikmalaya regency.


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