Jan 29, 2010


If we look back a thriller movie entitled "Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid" released in 2004 and used its setting in Borneo Island, Indonesian, we may ask two big questions: Is it true that there is Anaconda in Indonesia? and Is there really a rare orchid as anti-aging medicine in Indonesia? Those two questions arise and we must carefully pay attention to them even though that movie was purely fictional.
From several studies that have been done by experts, Anaconda generally live around the Amazon River, American Continent. That big snake is estimated to reach 33-meters long. Biggest snake have ever seen in Borneo are mostly Pythons whose length is about 5 to 8 meters. This snake is similar to but not Anaconda.
Meanwhile, due to geographical conditions and tropical climate, Indonesia has the world's biodiversity of orchids. The number reach about 6 thousand species of orchids, ranging from the largest (or Tiger Orchid Grammatophyllum Speciosum) to the smallest (Taeniophyllum, which have no leaves).Therefore, the hunt for rare orchids are reasonable if done in Indonesia, but can not be certain that these rare orchids can be exploited as anti-aging medicine.
Video of Phyton
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In short, Indonesia is not inhabited by Anaconda snake but covered by thousands of orchids, including the rare Black Orchid, which is only in the area of Papua, West Irian. 


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