Jan 9, 2010


Did you know that there is a country in the middle of Indonesia? Yes, East Timor had once been a part of Indonesian territory that was separated in 1999. This small country formerly was called the Province of East Timor and then, after as a member of the UN, the country used Portuguese name, Timor Leste.
Considering most of the population is ex-Indonesian community, the language used in this country is Indonesian Language. English become second language in order to bring this country into international arena. However, in daily communication, the people of Timor-Leste still use its own traditional language, which is often called the language  of Tetum.
Because it is still quite young, this country needs, especially food, clothing, and housing is still supplying from Indonesia, which the border is limited only by wooden stakes or signs. In fact, because Timor Leste lies in the middle of Indonesian territory, the trespassers often illegally in and out from this country to the territory of Indonesia.
Timor Leste has no natural resources abundant, only a few actual minerals less potential to be used as foreign exchange. However, the fact is that not all East Timorese people want to separate themselves from Indonesia. Some still want to build and utilize the natural resources of the country, and some only rely on the supplies from Indonesia. That two ideas sometimes result in horizontal conflicts in the society.


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