May 23, 2010


According to Indonesian daily newspaper, Kompas, Indonesia will become the center of research and development of the world number one motorcycle manufacturer, Honda. After previously Honda motorcycle products to Indonesia or to ASEAN region always oriented to Thailand, almost all Honda motorcycle products will later on be based on the Indonesian design. Thus, as mentioned by President Director of PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM), Yusuke Hori, in the near future, Indonesia will become the center of the launching of new Honda products.
Honda’s plan to make Indonesia as a trendsetter in Honda motorcycle products is certainly based on the historical fact that the presence of legendary Honda in Indonesia. Since the beginning of its presence, Honda has inspired the lives of millions of Indonesian society, and the triumph of Honda has been entrenched. Honda has becomes the chosen brand for most Indonesian communities.
Furthermore, until today, many Indonesian people still call any motorcycle as “Honda”, although the brand of the motorcycle is not Honda. Honda's triumph in Indonesia is more complete because of its success through its representative in Indonesia, PT Astra Honda Motor, which is listed on the first motor manufacturer in Indonesia to produce motorcycles up to 25 million by the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI).
As the third largest market after China and India, Indonesia continues to be Honda's attention with their superior motorcycle products. Especially this time when according to data from the Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association (AISI), in 2009 Honda dominated 46.2 percent of the total sales of motorcycles in Indonesia. Honda should be competing with Yamaha that occupied the second position with 45.3 percent control of the motorcycle market.


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