Jan 8, 2010


The development of Information and Communication Technology rapidly presents such a new color in the middle of Indonesian society. The Internet as one of the icons of the progress has been accessible to most people in this country and has become a trend in the middle of the society, both in the cities and rural. Internet rates that are more affordable and easy to access make internet business in this island country widely grow. 
Currently, the Internet in Indonesia can be accessed through a variety of ways, both dial-up or broadband. However, do not be surprised when the speed of the internet in this country still can only reach kilobytes. For the use of such higher level connection, rates are still quite expensive. At least do not expect when you have to see the video posted by your family or friends, you have to patiently wait due to slow motion from internet connection in this country. 
Nevertheless, Internet connection can be done almost anywhere on the mobile phone network. This is because mobile operators in Indonesia have been providing special facilities for its users in accessing Internet with their phone card. With competitive rates, Internet connection can be done in the mobile network operators.
In addition, the Internet fever has also responded by handset or mobile phone companies. With the features it offers, most mobile phones in the market of Indonesia spoil internet users. In short, if you live or at least stay in Indonesia, the internet connection is not difficult to access if you are quite satisfied with that limited speed. 


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