Jan 7, 2010


Most Indonesian (approximately 88% of the population) embrace Islam. Various Islamic organizations are built in this country whose population is more than 220 million. However, most Muslims in this country are moderate Muslims, ie not having excessive fanaticism. The number of radical Muslims tend to be far fewer than moderate Muslims.
Muslim society in Indonesia refuse to be associated with terrorism. This is because terrorism is far from the application of Islamic teachings in this country.  Moderates Islamic teaching is understood more widely so that it is easily accepted in the society. Even most Indonesian Muslim discourse terrorism, especially after the tragedy of the terrorist bombing occurred in some areas of the country. Moreover, the terrorists use Islam as the excuse for their actions. Most Muslims in Indonesia condemn any actions done by terrorists because of its impact as well as of their using the name of Islam.
An Islamic teaching which is more comprehensive is preferred in Indonesian society.  Destructive teaching and doctrine of radical insight normally is taught in hidden schools. Thus, it is not surprising that even the terrorists who are successfully captured in this country, they do not run Islamic teachings in a consistent and comprehensive way.
Therefore, for those of you who want to know more about Islam, visiting Indonesia can be an alternative choice in the study of religion that is currently very popular, especially after the 911 tragedy in the United States several years ago. 


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