Jan 2, 2010


As one of the largest archipelagic country in the world, Indonesia has thousands of islands spread from the east end to west end. The thousands of islands are inhabited by various ethnic groups that each have their own custom and language, so sometimes even among different ethnic groups, some Indonesian could not communicate each other. To minimize these communication problems, Indonesia has set a national language, that is Bahasa Indonesia. This language comes from the Malays, the ancestors of the Indonesian nation. Bahasa Indonesia serves as the national language as well as official language of state.
Most tribes in Indonesia can communicate with Indonesian language. This language is used in everyday communication within the scope of education, government, and tourism. However, in daily interactions, Indonesian people use their local language in their communication.
Indonesian nation was ever colonized by several other nations such as Portuguese, Dutch, UK, and Japan but the longest, ie up to 3.5-century was Dutch. Therefore, not surprisingly, there are a number of communities, historic sites, until some words in the Indonesian language are taken from the term of Dutch.
Along with the development of information and communications technology today, people of Indonesia, especially the younger generation, have also been able to communicate in English. In addition to the demands of the time, English has also been included in school curricula, starting from primary schools to universities. Not only English, since the trend of sending Indonesian Manpower abroad last several decade, French, Mandarin, and Japanese also have been taught at special education institutions in this country.


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