Jan 20, 2010


If you believe the phenomenon behind the TV serial broadcasted long time ago, Friday The 13th, you will probably have more faith in the supernatural when you have to stay in Indonesia. In a country that was once extremely strong with a hint of animism and dynamism, mystical and supernatural things have become common belief among the people.
Indonesian society generally believes that there is another world of different dimensions to the human world, of course with its own inhabitants of the world. In Indonesia, unseen creatures that inhabit the world is often termed as gendruwo, kuntilanak, pocong, tuyul, setan, and other titles that indicate the kinds of unseen creatures, the inhabitants of another world.
Most Indonesian belief that the unseen creatures generally live in a humid and quiet environment as in an empty house, large trees, forests, mountains, rivers, and sacred places may be difficult to put in human’s logic. Nevertheless, thousands of stories and experiences of the appearance of these creatures have become a public secret that Indonesian people mostly still believe in those unseen creature, or you may say GHOST.
Just as the international community belief about the existence of UFOs, Aliens, and other life outside the Earth, the existence of the world and supernatural beings are still controversial in Indonesian community itself. However, when compared to people in developed countries, Indonesia people tend to still believe in some things that can not be explained with logic, including the unseen creatures.
In short, if you visit or live in Indonesia, mentally just prepare you for is not impossible that the unseen creatures will greet you in anyway they like. Welcome to the world of ghosts.., Indonesia.


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