Feb 9, 2010


The world recognizes that the Bermuda Triangle in America is phenomenal and is still hiding many mysteries. Tens and even hundreds of objects, ships and aircraft as well as their passengers, disappeared in the very mysterious Bermuda Triangle area. Various studies have been done to uncover what exactly is causing the loss of many ships and aircraft in the Bermuda Triangle. However, Do you know that besides Bermuda Triangle in America, Indonesia as the biggest maritime country in the world also has a mysterious region that is almost the same as the Bermuda Triangle? Mysterious triangle in Indonesia called Masalembo (Masalembo Triangle). 
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History records several mysterious accidents occurred around Masalembo Triangle such as the burning and sinking of Tampomas II Ferry in 1981, the crash of Adam Air plane in 2007, the sinking of Motor Boat Mutiara Indah and Fajar Mas also in 2007, and the sinking of Sumber Awal fishing vessels in 2008. These accidents are a small proportion of the hundreds of mysterious incidents in the area of Masalembo. 
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According to the local residents, Masalembo Triangle is a mystical area for Bugis-Makassar and Mandar sailors. The belief of supernatural power among Indonesian society, including communities around Masalembo, makes many ship crews who is familiar with the area always perform a ritual to break the unpredictable waves and whirlpool. They usually throw a tray of sticky rice and egg dishes. This kind of offerings is meant to get such permission or authority from the ruler of the sea. 
In fact, Masalembo Triangle is a very dangerous area. Based on the facts, in Masalembo, there is a meeting between the headlands current and swirling wind. Flow from the Flores Sea and Celebes Sea meet in the waters around Masalembo. Cape extends from south to north, from coast to Mamuju Makassar (Sulawesi Barat). Whirlpools are also available in the area because the current from the north, such as the Sulawesi Sea, and from the south, such as the Flores Sea, Makassar Strait enter and meet in the water area of Majene and Mamuju. Climate change also often occurs suddenly, as well as central pressure at sea suddenly turns low. This can change the pressure of wind suddenly and consequently change the waves in Masalembo Triangle. 


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